“Our goal would be to produce the finest beef in the world.”

Red Bull Cattle Company started not as a cattle operation but as a dream of producing the most elite and flavorful beef in the world. I was not the daughter of a cattle rancher or even raised with cattle.

It was my father’s passion to seek Prime beef that was predictable for marbling, flavor, and texture. He could not find the predictability for these qualities from any breed. We heard of the Japanese Kobe Wagyu Beef and my father took off to Japan to explore not the cattle but the carcass.


“Regular beef was no longer an option.”

Dad came home from Japan very excited and stated he had found the best beef in the world, but it was too expensive! After many shipments of Styrofoam containers arrived full of Wagyu prime beef he told me when I retired we would raise Wagyu. Our goal would be to produce the finest beef in the world. He was sure with Wagyu we would achieve the predictable results he so judiciously sought. He was spoiled and regular beef was no longer an option. Many enjoyable hours were spent at the dinner table in deep conversation about carcass quality and the taste, flavor and texture of Prime beef. Our goal was to use the best genetics to produce the highest marbling, most delicious, buttery flavored, tender succulent beef in the world.

We had a plan. We read about Wagyu and talked to people. One thing I found out was many breeders had conflicting opinions. I became more confused about Red and Black. My dad liked black for marbling but I liked the Red. We decided we could have both and see what happened. I would raise them and dad would handle the development of the carcass business. I could keep the best producers. My dad even in his 80’s was going to man the computer and run the website and I could stay in the barn and the pasture and take care of the cattle and that suited me fine. Suddenly before my first Wagyu calf arrived and without warning my father was stricken with stage 4 cancer. One day we are launching a Wagyu cattle operation and the next a Dr. is telling me my dad will be lucky to make it through the week. We were shocked.

I won’t go into detail what the next months were like. First I rallied all the Hope, optimism and determination to beat the odds I could find, you do everything possible to win. Then that fumble comes in the last few seconds of the game and no time to turn it around and you have to play out the clock. That feeling still believing to the end something can change exists, then the game ends. My dad fought a hard battle, but I was soon left standing alone in an empty barn.

So here I am, I decided to go ahead with the plan. It has been amazing: My Red Wagyu Bull JC Rueshaw 75 has now become a 2 time Grand Champion Red Wagyu Fullblood Bull 2014/2015 with the highest marbling scores recorded 2 years in a row and the largest rib eye area of any contender and my black young bull, Houston, has become a Grand Champion Black FullBlood Bull 2015 with the highest marbling score and largest rib eye of any of his contenders. My heifers are champions with Ms. Sanjirou, a daughter of Sanjirou scoring Prime in the 9’s in 2014 second to my red bull JC Rueshaw 75 and my little yearling, Luv Red Empress, is a Champion and Reserve Grand Champion and had the largest rib eye of any heifer so I am quite the proud Mama!

I hope to offer the best in genetics, highest marbling and largest rib eye Wagyu possible . It has been a wonderful journey and I can’t help to feel my success is credited to Divine Intervention! I am so blessed! Please browse the website and get to know the cattle they all have a story. If you would like to follow our progress and posted marbling scans fill out a contact me form and get the latest info.

Thank you for taking time to get to know me.